Intro to Conscious Investment course
January 26, 2021
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Is this the autumn for humanity?

Maybe! Unless the human race start uplifting their

Mental health by only doing things that uplift you like spending more time in nature and doing things that make you happy.

Stop reading the news. Only watch and read things that healthy for you.

Follow people that inspire you.

Invest in yourself by taking courses that elevate you.

Spiritual growth by starting doing spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, prayers, affirmations and connecting to the divine

Physical health by start eating healthy organic food and start doing exercises that improve your health and that makes you happy

You will thereby raise your vibration and thereby raises collective vibration on the planet

It is more important than ever to out of the state of fear and the stress that the majority of the human race is in now

Stress reduces the immunity system and makes you see

Fear makes you stressed and you compliant and makes you less critical of the information the people in charge provide.

Then sprint and summer will return for the human race stronger than ever

I am here to serve you and help you to raise your vibration!

I have a number of years of experience in raising vibrations in people and I can help you in many different ways to handle the challenges that the human race is facing at the current time in history.

I can also guide you in direction of highly aware teachers in the fields where I am unable to help you.

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