"Every human has the option to follow their purpose and experience inner freedom."



Martin is an inspirator, liberator, and innovation creator.

He has always been drawn to explore human potential and break the limitations on how we can live life on our own terms.

He has held the roles of Project Manager, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, Project Developer, and Business Mentor. He has more than 20 years of experience in investment strategies, banking, consultancy, project management, business development, and supporting and coaching team leaders and groups.

Martin is certified in ICC Coaching (International Coaching Community), Embodiment Methods, Breathwork and has taken extensive training in conscious leadership, innovation, project management, business development, content creation, and NLP. He has supported different successful development of projects in companies and organizations such as 7N, Prodata, Nasdaq OMX, Danske Bank, Nordea, BEC, Municipality of Copenhagen and Grundfos.

Noticing that not only his expertise in business and finance development, but also personal coaching and mentoring skills support the successful growth of his project, Martin took a coaching education and started to support team leaders and entrepreneurs in conscious leadership skills and conscious finance management.

For the last few years, he has been supporting innovative businesses in creating decentralized solutions for the new era in business and finance management.


Martin is here to disrupt the version of what you perceive to be ‘normal’ — to help you break free of the old conditioned systems by being a role model showing that there is always another way to live life in freedom and connection with all that is.


Martin is currently offering the following services:

Business Consultancy Financial Services Conscious Leadership Coaching