Financial Services

Conscious Investment Course

A training to help you become a conscious investor in cryptocurrencies and precious metals. You need a certain set of tools, knowledge, mindset, emotional stability, and the right team in order to make conscious investment choices. We have created a training to support your investment skills in cryptocurrencies.


I have several of years investment experience in the stock market, but I have no prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies. this course provided me with all the tools and information that I needed in order to get started investing in this very interesting area. I strongly recommend this course both for beginners and professional investors like me.

Anders Nygaard - Product Development and Analysis

The course is amazing, we can know all about cryptocurrencies in one place, before taking this course I didn't have any knowledge about cryptocurrencies but now I have detailed knowledge about it, I am looking to invest in cryptocurrencies with full confidence. Thanks, Martin!

Saisandeep Nadella - Digital Marketing Specialist

Crypto Currency

5 steps before you invest in crypto currencies. These are the steps that you need to follow in order to have a stable foundation to invest in crypto currency. Take your time to look through them, so you feel confident where, how, why and when you invest.

I am an experienced user in the crypto space, but I really enjoyed reviewing some more details about investing in crypto space.

Jess Søgaard - CEO

As a professional stock trader in a large investment fund, I can say that am impressed by the amount of valuable information in this course.

Name withdrawn for privacy - Trading and Investment



Amazing Blocks offers a software solution to support the tokenization of shares. It leveraged its own software solution, the Tokenpad, to tokenize its own shares. This software could also be applied to tokenized other assets and rights of Liechtenstein legal entities such as participation rights or ownership rights (real-assets such as classic cars, real-estate, machines, etc.) are tokenized.